Foundations of Capability & Building Service Excellence – CMMI V3.0

3 Days (2 Days + 1 Day)

ISACA CMMI®Institute Official Certified Training

Course Description:

This comprehensive training course combines “Foundations of Capability” with “Building Service Excellence” to provide a targeted exploration of the CMMI version 3.0 model, emphasizing the service domain. Over three days, participants will engage with the foundational elements of the CMMI model and extend their expertise with specialized training in service excellence. This course is designed to certify attendees as CMMI Associates, enabling them to participate as appraisal team members in CMMI benchmark appraisals specifically for the service view of the CMMI version 3.0 model.

Course Objectives

  • Acquire a deep understanding of the CMMI version 3.0 model
  • Focus on the service domain to enhance capabilities in managing and delivering services
  • Prepare for the role of a CMMI Associate with the ability to contribute to CMMI benchmark appraisals for service projects

Target Audience:

  • Service managers and team leaders
  • Quality assurance professionals involved in services
  • Process improvement practitioners focusing on service delivery
  • Anyone interested in achieving the CMMI Associate certification


  • Prerequisite for participation in CMMI appraisal teams for CMMI Services Domain
  • Understand the core capabilities needed for excellence in service management.
  • Learn best practices specific to service delivery.
  • Be equipped to participate in benchmark appraisals, enhancing their professional credentials and the quality of their organization’s service delivery.

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